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    3003 aluminum sheet


     3003 aluminum sheet description

    Alloy: 3003

    Temper: H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26,H28,O,F




    Mother coil: CC or DC

    Packaging type:1.wooden pallets and lashed by steel strips,2. shipped by 20 feet container or 40 feet container,3.protection:paper interlayer or covered the PET film on the surface,4.or it can be customized by customers 5. The fastest shipment,6. protective fil can be added.

    3003 aluminum sheet featurer

    1.3003 aluminum sheet have the Smooth and flat surface
    2.3003 aluminum sheet have the Weather resistance
    3.3003 aluminum sheet have the Good quality surface finish
    4.3003 aluminum sheet have the Anti-corrosion
    5.3003 aluminum sheet have the Anti-ultraviolet
    6.3003 aluminum sheet have the Excellent weather-proof durability
    7.3003 aluminium sheet have the High erosion resistance
    8.3003 aluminium sheetl have the Good mechanical processing performance
    9.3003 aluminium sheet have the Abrasion resistance

    3003 aluminium sheet application

    widely used in processing the componet parts,like kitchen equipment,kitchen utensils,aluminum gutter,storage devices,transport tank,tank of liquid product;used for building and construction material,like wall cladding,ceiling,roofing,proof and so on;used for heat exchangers,air conditioning evaporators,vehicle radiators and so on.

     3003 aluminum sheet special specifications

    Changyuan aluminum is the professional supplier of special specifications,the detials is as follow:

    Thickness: 1.5mm- 4.0mm  Width: 500mm*1900mm

    Thickness:4.0mm-6.0mm   Width: 500mm*1300mm

    The stocks is as follow,the delivery is about 15 days after receiving the deposit.
    1.5mm*500mm*500mm    2.0mm* 500mm*500mm    2.5mm* 500mm*500mm    3.0mm* 500mm*500mm    

    4.0mm* 500mm*500mm     5.0mm* 500mm*500mm  6.0mm*500mm*500mm
    1.5mm* 600mm*600mm    2.0mm* 600mm*600mm    2.5mm* 600mm*600mm    3.0mm* 600mm*600mm     

    4.0mm*600mm*600mm      5.0mm*600mm*600mm   6.0mm*600mm*600mm
    1.5mm*700mm*700mm      2.0mm*700mm*700mm    2.5mm* 700mm*700mm    3.0mm* 700mm*500mm     

    4.0mm* 700mm*700mm     5.0mm* 700mm*700mm   6.0mm*700mm*700mm
    1.5mm* 800mm*800mm      2.0mm* 800mm*800mm    2.5mm* 800mm*800mm    3.0mm* 800mm*800mm   

    4.0mm* 800mm*800mm    5.0mm* 800mm*800mm     6.0mm*800mm*800mm
    1.5mm* 1700mm*1700mm   2.0mm*1700mm*1700mm    2.5mm* 1700mm*1700mm  

    3.0mm* 1700mm*1700mm   3.5mm* 1700mm*1700mm  4.0mm* 1700mm*1700mm
    1.5mm* 1800mm*1800mm   2.0mm*1800mm*1800mm    2.5mm* 1800mm*1800mm  

    3.0mm* 1800mm*1800mm   3.5mm* 1800mm*1800mm  4.0mm* 1800mm*1800mm
    1.5mm* 1900mm*1900mm   2.0mm*1900mm*1900mm     2.5mm* 1900mm*1900mm  

    3.0mm* 11900mm*1900mm   3.5mm* 1900mm*1900mm  4.0mm* 1900mm*1900mm




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